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      Welcome to RE/MAX Guardian Commercial

      RE/MAX Guardian Commercial is a full service commercial real estate company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with first-hand knowledge, information, and experience giving you a single point-of-contact for the following services:

      • Advisory Management Services  
      • Build-To-Suit     
      • Business Brokerage
      • Business/Market Data 
      • Investment Analysis
      • Industrial Sales and Leasing
      • Land Sales and Leasing
      • Sales/Leasing
      • Office Leasing
      • Opinions of Value
      • Property Management
      • Retail
      • Site Selection     
      • Tenant Representation


      Guardian Commercial

      412, 105-21st Street East
      Saskatoon SK  S7K 0B3   
            Ph: 306-665-4444         Toll Free:866-864-4440     Fax:306-665-4449       

      There are no current feature listings.